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ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster Response & ELCA Covid-19 Response Fund

We are very grateful to our church, the ELCA, for its coordinated effort to respond to the coronavirus.  We lift up ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster Response, and the newly created, COVID-19 Response Fund.

As part of the ELCA’s response to the Covid-19 situation, ELCA World Hunger developed “Daily Bread Matching Grants” to support ELCA congregations that have feeding ministries.  During this COVID-19 time with many people unable to work, there is an especially high demand for food.  The World Hunger grants were eligible to ministries on a first-come, first served basis.  Approved congregations then did online fundraising with ELCA World Hunger matching $500.  While grants for 100 congregations had been announced initially, ELCA World Hunger, in the end, awarded 200.  8 congregations in the New England Synod were given these grants.  ELCA World Hunger may offer these “Daily Bread Matching Grants” again.  If you’d like to be informed of future Daily Bread Matching Grant opportunities, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), working with partners throughout the world, is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in many various ways, such as: 

  • Lutheran Disaster Response in our two Companion Synods, the Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land and Honduras, is providing food and necessities to support families whose livelihoods have been impacted.
  • Through the Lutheran church in Italy, Lutheran Disaster Response is providing a hospital in Naples, Italy with masks, surgical gowns and respirators.  
  • In Sierra Leone, Lutheran Disaster Response is supporting the Lutheran church there so it can participate in a national response plan with the government.
  • In China, LDR provided medical supplies like ventilators, protective face shields, disposable gloves and more, as well as daily necessities, like food.
  • In the US, Lutheran Disaster Response is supporting vulnerable populations, like the elderly.
  • Lutheran Disaster Response works with Lutheran World Federation and other partners to support global responses.

Recently, the ELCA created a specific “COVID-19 Response Fund.” Initially, this fund will primarily help synods, congregations and other church ministries that are vital in this time of the pandemic.  As this fund grows, it will also encompass ministries with partners around the world.

In this time of COVID-19, what can we do to help?

Pray for the well-being of individuals in our country and in the world.  Ask for God’s protection upon healthcare staff & essential workers.  Pray for comfort, peace & hope for all.

Give out of God’s gracious blessings to these ministries in any of three ways:  

  • You can give through your congregation. You can send in a check made out to your congregation and in the memo line, you can write: ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster Response or ELCA COVID-19 Response Fund.
  • You can mail in a check directly. Write your check to:

 ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster Response or COVID-19 Response Fund

Then mail it to ELCA, PO Box 1809, Merrifield, VA 22116-8009.


Thank you for your caring, your prayers and your gifts!                The World Hunger Team, New England Synod